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Founder and Director, Todd Munoz, is currently planning out year 6 of DelAWAREness. Year 5 raised $44,000 for Autism Delaware, bringing our grand total to over $130,000 for charity!! 650 dancers performed on our stage over the course of 3 different shows, all unique, and all amazing. If your studio is interested in performing this year, please reach out to Todd at

Space is Limited!

Year 6: Who Do You Dance For?

Unforunately, our 2020 event was cancelled. We are hoping to come back in 2021 stronger than ever! Here is what you are in store for that we missed this year!

Come see this year's show and learn about how DelAWAREness is evolving into the future. Starting this year, we will be moving to more of a community based initiative with focus gearing towards hearing from our dancers and learning about their stories. We will continue to support Autism Delaware with our online fundraising but will also be donating to other non-profits, based off of submissions and recommendations from the very kids dancing on the stage!

Origin Story

The reason DelAWAREness was started is because Todd's little brother Trace Aviary Jones was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years old. Todd has gotten to experience first hand the trials, attention, and financial burden that having a family member with Autism can cause. With it, however, comes a level of love and appreciation that he wanted to spread to his surrounding community. Todd has learned so many lessons from his little brother and the love that they have for each other can't be matched. The growth, love, support, and positive impact that DelAWAREness has made on Trace's life has been the biggest blessing to Todd and his family. 

DelAWAREness has since evolved, and become a postive beacon for hundreds of dancers to see the impact a little positive effort and hard-work can achieve. And our shows are SUPER DOPE!!